SimpleSitepro keeps things simple

SimpleSitepro is a web content management system.  It allows you to easily manage and edit the pages on your website.
We designed the features of SimpleSitepro by listening to our clients and applying the knowledge we've gained from working in the arts, creative, outdoor and environmental fields for the last 15 years.  We streamlined it so it takes the technical decisions for you and lets you focus on running your website (you can get involved with more complex stuff if you want to; but not many people do). 
So instead of worrying about the technical details or trying to work out how to get your photo gallery online, you can just get SimpleSitepro to do it for you.  That's what a content management system is for - "build me a Flash photo gallery out of these images, I want them all the same size with some thumbnails this size, make some pages if there are too many thumbnails, and make it work on my iPhone too."  This is what our customers wanted.  So that's how we built it.
Its really great to be able to update the website
so easily and its actually been fun to do!

Sandy Brechin, The Sensational Jimi Shandrix Experience

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