Member's features

SimpleSitepro incorporates a members directory allows an unlimited number of organisations or members to be listed on the website, with various information about the organisation. Prospective members or organisations may apply online.  SimpleSitepro collects and validates the information required and stores it in the setup area for the website owner to approve.  The website owner can approve or decline the application, or defer it until more information is provided or checks are made.  Once approved, the member or organisation is listed in the directory and is instantly available in the search.  Information requested from applicants is customisable to your needs.
The directory can be seen to great effect on the Highland Environmental Directory website where the feature, released in 2010, was so successful that additional search and filtering tools had to be added because of the number of applications received. 

Reference sites

Highland Environmental Network
Membership Directory
(Environmental Directory)

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“We are finding Simplesitepro very easy
and intuitive to use.”

Sam Bridgewater, Manager, Applecross Landscape Partnership Scheme

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