SimpleSitepro is fully capable of powering multiple versions of a website, in different languages.  The solution is tried and tested and was developed to support websites in the Scottish Highlands which were desired to be displayed in Gaelic and English, with full translation.  The system can be seen to great effect on the Applecross Landscape Partnership Scheme and Ionad Chaluim Chille le (the Columba Centre Islay) websites.  Both are maintained in Gaelic and English, using SimpleSitepro. 
Publishing a website in more than one language is a complex undertaking; so the CMS should make it easier, not harder, to manage your website.  There are many options when publishing in more than one language: Are we going to translate the whole website, or just part of it?  What is the main or "first" language of the website?  What happens when a page is edited - does the other language version have to be edited?  Do we wait for the translation?  Do we want to have the flexibility to create pages on one version that are not on the other language?
You might also think about whether you want to manage and optimise the versions differently.  Is it likely that user behaviours will be different between language versions?  You can track this using Analytics, displaying the results for the sites in the same profile, or separate profiles.  
You can give different users access to the different language versions, and give across-the-board access to multilingual staff.  
Our experienced team can help you answer these questions.  We have extensive business analysis knowledge as well as the design and CMS skills, so we can help you plan your site and content.  We can also help with translation: we are able to offer a high quality Gaelic translation service (both directions), and copy-proofing.  

Reference sites

Applecross Landscape Partnership Scheme
English/Gaelic (defaults to English)

Ionad Chaluim Chille le (the Columba Centre Islay)
Gaelic/English (defaults to Gaelic)

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We are finding Simplesitepro very easy
and intuitive to use.

Sam Bridgewater, Manager, Applecross Landscape Partnership Scheme

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