Multimedia: Photo galleries, video and audio

Photo galleries

SimpleSitepro provides excellent, easy-to-use tools for creating and managing and editing photo galleries. Several styles of galleries are available within SimpleSitepro, including slideshow, lightbox and Flash-based animated galleries. Each of these also has numerous layout and configuration options, all accessed by simple controls. SimpleSitepro can resize images to a constant size, and will automatically create thumbnails for images as they are uploaded.  Our photo gallery editor has over 100 different display combinations, so is flexible enough for just about any gallery.  It's also great for doing rotating image banners, like the one on the home page of this website

Note on compatibility:

Flash is not suppported by Apple's popular iOS devices (the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad), and some other mobile devices.  So SimpleSitepro's galleries use Flash where available, and then fall back to an HTML-based display, with similar features, but optimised for viewing on mobile devices. 

Video galleries

Many SimpleSitepro-based websites incorporate video. As is common with content management systems, SimpleSitepro does not usually host the video files; they are streamed from a video hosting service such as YouTube, Vimeo or Brightcove. Most of our current clients use YouTube to host their video, using the embedding feature to display the video player on their website. This has many advantages: their videos, if tagged correctly, appear in Google search results directly, they appear in YouTube searches, and they also appear as suggestions in the sidebar when visitors to YouTube watchvideos with similar content. (If you want to host your videos directly on your website, of course we can do that too.)
Uploading the embed code from YouTube to your website is very easy with SimpleSitepro - you simply copy and paste the code into the page where you want it to appear. If you wish to feature a larger number of videos on your website, we can provide a video gallery, with thumbnails similar to those on the photo galleries, to display the videos on a single page. We will work with you to find the best way to display your video content.

Audio and podcasts

SimpleSitepro hosts audio files directly, on the same server as your website. It uses the mp3 (MPEG layer 3) format for audio files. SimpleSitepro provides various options for uploading and displaying audio files on your website, including a special page for albums and samples, and a Flash-based audio player for playing and looping audio samples. We can provide other options, depending on your content and how you wish to display it; we will work with you to find the best way to manage and display your audio content.
We can also encode your audio files for you if you do not have the necessary software; we do this for
many of our current users.

Reference sites

The SimpleSitepro website (this one!)
(Rotating image panel, on home page)

Applecross Landscape Partnership Scheme
(Extensive photo galleries, using a "lightbox" style of gallery with Polaroid-style images)

Bob McNeill
(Video gallery)

Marla Fibish
(Audio player on home page)

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“We are finding Simplesitepro very easy
and intuitive to use.”

Sam Bridgewater, Manager, Applecross Landscape Partnership Scheme

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