Publishing features: adding pages, news/blog, downloads, contact, links

You'd think that, by now, publishing the standard sort of information on your website - the regular pages that describe what you do, putting up downloadable material, a links page, contact information like a simple contact form - would be easy. A done deal. You'd be right. In SimpleSitepro that stuff is so easy you'll never worry about it again. You need to publish PDFs on your site? Easy. You want to have some categories like Newsletter, Latest projects, New Books?  You need your latest newsletter to automatically appear on your home page? Done. You want the next five events in your calendar and the top two stories from your news page on the home page too? Easy. You need a list of events in a side panel on every page that automatically updates? Got it. You only want it on some pages? That's easy too.
All these features are organised around pages.  SimpleSitepro has built-in special pages that do all of these things and more.  They're pages that are designed to display certain kinds of information and make updating that information easy.  For example, you can make links on any page using our link maker tools, but we've also included a links page where you can make lots of links at once and it'll take care of the layout etc for you.  
There's a contacts page where you can enter the contact information you want to publish, and then just choose from some layouts we've pre-built that suit this kind of information (if you can't find one you like, we'll create one for you).  
The news page has a feed you can use on your home page, or in panels on your website (we tend to do this fiddly setup stuff for you, it's included in the hosting cost, and it lets you focus on editing your site.  You just tell us what you want to appear, and where).
The downloads page is really flexible.  You use this to make documents available on your website for people to download.   It's one of our most popular features.  You can organise the downloads by type (eg all the images together, all the PDFs together), or you can create your own categories and organise the stuff just the way you want it.  And if you need the latest newsletter (for example), or monthly meeting minutes, or your newest brochure, to pop out onto the home page as soon as it's uploaded, SimpleSitepro can do that.  

Pages on your website

You can have unlimited pages on your website; there's no limit.  Some of our members have 8 pages in their websites, some have over 100.  SimpleSitepro is a scalable solution that publishes pages on demand, so there's no performance issue with large sites - your website won't start slowing down as you add more content (a general rule is, websites are double their original size a year after first being published).
The regular content pages on your site (ie the pages that are not designed to do some specific thing like donwloads) are really easy to create and edit.  Layouts are built-in and there any many options you can choose from.  There's also a full HTML editor so if you want to get picky and write some HTML to do a fancy layout, you can do that too.  You can use images anywhere you like on your website - there's a file library to store them, and they're right there in the HTML editor when you want to use them on a page.  Just hit the image button, click on the one you want, and it appears right there.  Easy.  
SimpleSitepro automatically draws all the menus on your website - you just tell us what you'd like.  If you're working on pages, or if you want to try a new version of a page, you can take it out of the menu so it won't display, but you don't have to delete it.  

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“We are finding Simplesitepro very easy
and intuitive to use.”

Sam Bridgewater, Manager, Applecross Landscape Partnership Scheme

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