SimpleSitepro offers several powerful options for search. Specific search features are available on some features, such as the Events Calendar, where they will take account of choices you make in your Setup Area. We can also offer site-wide search, using Google Custom Search. An example is the site search on Applecross Landscape Partnership Scheme, which is configured to search both the English and Gaelic versions of the websites.
Search is an important feature if your website, especially if your website has a large number of pages. No matter how well-organised your website is, there will always be users who can't find something they are looking for. This may just be because they are looking for something that's only mentioned once on one of your pages; or it may be because they are, say looking for something in the events calendar that's in the past so it's not being displayed. Search, together with Website Analytics, provides a lot of useful information that you can use to help optimise your website.
If you find that people are using search a lot on your site, that might indicate you need to think about how your content is organised - are things in the right place? Have you got your menus right? You can use Analytics to find out how people get to your website, and what pages they look at when they get there. You can track what people search for on your website and compare that to the pages they look at.
Choosing the right type of search features for your website is a balanced decision involving a number of factors.  The main questions are what needs to be searchable, and what type of search to use - a feature- specific customised search that runs locally, or a site-wide search from a provider like Google.  On large websites, or ones that get a lot of traffic, execution speed is a consideration; on sites where the content changes often, the frequency of indexing available with various options will usually determine which one is optimum.  We can work with you to determine the best type(s) search to provide on your website. 

Reference sites

Applecross Landscape Partnership Scheme
(Site wide search, in the header bar)

Highland Environmental Network
Membership Directory specific search
(Environmental Directory)

Events calendar specific search
(What's On)

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“We are finding Simplesitepro very easy
and intuitive to use.”

Sam Bridgewater, Manager, Applecross Landscape Partnership Scheme

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