SimpleSitepro hosts your website

Hosting and support

Website hosting on a secure server and data backup SimpleSitepro is a hosted solution, that is, hosting of your website is integral. SimpleSitepro is hosted in a world class data centre with excellent security. The setup area, where you edit your website, is protected by Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology.

Adequate web hosting capacity

We are able to provide hosting space to your requirements; bandwidth to websites hosted with SimpleSitepro is unlimited.

Domain name management & renewal

We provide a full registry and domain name management service which is included in the monthly hosting fee, and in addition we will pay the cost of renewals for one domain name, also included in the cost of the monthly hosting. (These services are complimentary and voluntary.) If you have services other than email and website on your domain, or if you choose to use another provider for your email, we will liaise with your other providers to ensure those services work alongside your website.
“That looks great Ronan, really impressive.
Lovely work, really happy.”

Rob Miller, Swordsmith, Castle Keep

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